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Kiwis Fruits or "Chinese gooseberry" is a sweet, citrusy, brownish-green fruit. The fruit's skin is covered with a soft fuzz, which can be removed with a knife or peeler to make it easier to eat. A cup of kiwi contains 3% of our recommended daily intake of vitamin A, 273% of vitamin C, 13% of vitamin E, 89% of vitamin K, 3% of thiamin, 3% of riboflavin, 3% of niacin, 6% of vitamin B6, 11% of folate, and 3% of pantothenic acid.

Nowadays, over 70% of all kiwifruit production takes place in Italy, New Zealand and Chile, with Italy producing around 10% more kiwis than New Zealand and Chile producing around 40% less.

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Arnikav started with our founder - Johnny Gindwani , was born and raised in Indonesia before moving to Brazil to work for a multinational corporation.
After gaining valuable experience, he decided to use his expertise in the seafood industry to start his own company in 1994. The business quickly grew, exporting seafood from Indonesia to countries such as Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, USA, Nigeria, France, and more.

In 2006, now a family-run business based in South America, Arnikav expanded its operations to include the export of fresh fruit from South America to Asia. With over 15 years of experience and an extensive network of farmers and suppliers, Arnikav is committed to delivering the highest quality and freshest fruit to customers.

With time, the company has also expanded its operations to include the export of fresh fruits from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, USA, Spain, and Turkey primarily to customers in Asia.

Arnikav takes pride in its accomplishments and is constantly striving to exceed customer expectations. The company welcomes inquiries from potential new customers as it continues to pursue greater heights.

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